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There are a lot of great criminal attorneys in the State of Florida.  Hiring an attorney can be an intimidating and confusing process.  You want to know what to look for and what makes one criminal attorney different from another.  Here is how we are different:

  • Criminal Attorney Michael Dye is truly available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  We understand that nobody plans on being arrested and people often get arrested at odd hours.  After business hours, our office phones are forwarded to our cell phones.  If you have an emergency after business hours, you WILL be able to speak to an attorney.
  • Criminal Attorney Michael Dye has extensive experience representing individuals charged withcriminal offenses throughout the State of Florida and other jurisdictions. Mr. Dye has handled criminal defense cases from the Florida Keys to rural counties in North Florida.
  • As a practicing criminal attorney for 10 years, Mr. Dye has a wide range of experience handling a variety of cases.  Mr. Dye has handled cases that range from criminal traffic violations to first degree murder.  Mr. Dye has substantial experience handling “difficult” cases including, but not limited to, sex offenses, child pornography, domestic violence and cases involving forensic science.
  • Mr. Dye has substantial criminal trial experience and will take your case to trial if it is necessary.  Mr. Dye’s criminal trial experience includes trials for Capital Sexual Battery, Kidnapping, Armed Robbery, Battery, Drug Possession, Drug Trafficking, numerous DUI’s and many other types of criminal charges.
  • Mr. Dye has substantial additional training and experience in scientific evidence.  Mr. Dye has successfully defended cases involving scientific evidence including, but not limited to, blood alcohol concentration, blood tests for controlled substances, urine tests for controlled substances, fingerprint analysis, gunshot residue and controlled substance identification.
  • Mr. Dye frequently acts as a consultant to local criminal attorneys regarding scientific evidence issues.  Mr. Dye has consulted with attorneys regarding DUI urine and blood analysis for alcohol and controlled substances.  Mr. Dye has assisted numerous criminal defense attorneys in having DUI cases dismissed or reduced including DUI cases alleging impairment by marijuana, cocaine, opiates and even a DUI with a .22 blood draw.
  • Mr. Dye has additional training and substantial experience working with other areas of evidence including, but not limited to psychological, accident reconstruction, shooting scene reconstruction and standardized field sobriety tests.

Our firm has two locations that handle criminal cases: one located in Fort Lauderdale and another in Miami.

Facing criminal prosecution is stressful.  You need to choose an attorney that makes you feel comfortable.  We want you to feel comfortable with us and welcome any questions that you may have about our background and experience.  So you can get to know who we are, our brief biographies are set forth below.

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Michael Dye completed his undergraduate studies at Gardner-Webb University in August of 1998. Mr. Dye began his legal studies at Nova Southeastern University in 2000. While in law school, Michael was a member of the Law Journal and held various criminal defense related jobs throughout law school.

Upon graduation from law school, Michael was employed by the nation’s largest plaintiff’s securities litigation firm. Michael gained extensive trial experience in multiple jurisdictions during his tenure as a securities litigation attorney. In 2004, he opened his own firm with a focus on DUI and criminal defense.

Michael has extensive trial experience in both civil and criminal matters. Since his admission to the Florida bar in 2004, Mr. Dye has handled criminal matters ranging from DUI, drug possession, drug trafficking and first degree murder. Mr. Dye has also devoted a substantial amount of time towards learning scientific evidence issues with regard to blood analysis, urinalysis, breath testing equipment and drug identification. This information has been extremely useful in defending DUI and drug charges.  Mr. Dye has also been invited to speak on multiple radio programs regarding various criminal issues and the impact of DUI legislation.

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