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fort lauderdale criminal defense attorney

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The Law Offices of Michael A. Dye, PA is a criminal defense law firm that provides skilled and aggressive representation in DUI and criminal defense matters in Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade.  The firm handles a wide variety of criminal defense cases ranging from traffic criminal to first degree murder.

Fort Lauderdale criminal attorney Michael Dye has practiced criminal defense since 2004.  Throughout his career, he has handled numerous criminal cases and taken approximately 50 cases to trial since 2006.  Mr. Dye has tried cases including, but not limited to, Capital Sexual Battery, DUI, Kidnapping, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence, Drug Trafficking and Drug Possession with Intent to Sell.  In addition to numerous trial victories, Mr. Dye has had multiple cases dismissed by way of pretrial motions.

The use of scientific evidence is increasing in prosecutions and, in many cases, criminal attorneys must know more than just the law to effectively represent clients.  Mr. Dye has substantial additional training and experience in the field of scientific evidence.  Mr. Dye has successfully represented individuals charged with DUI by successfully challenging the state’s breath, blood or urine chemical testing.  Mr. Dye has also handled cases involving fingerprint analysis, accident reconstruction and shooting reconstruction.

Why hire Michael Dye as your defense attorney?

Experience – Practicing criminal attorney for 10 years handling a variety of cases.  Mr. Dye has handled cases that range from criminal traffic violations to first degree murder.  Mr. Dye has substantial experience handling “difficult” cases including, but not limited to, sex offenses, child pornography, domestic violence and cases involving forensic science.

Trial experience – Approximately 50 trials since 2006.

Knowledge – Substantial additional training and experience in scientific evidence.  Successfully defended cases involving scientific evidence including, but not limited to, blood alcohol concentration, blood tests for controlled substances, urine tests for controlled substances, fingerprint analysis, gunshot residue and controlled substance identification.

Consultant – Mr. Dye frequently acts as a consultant to criminal attorneys regarding scientific evidence issues.  Consults with other attorneys regarding preparation for depositions of state expert witnesses and cross examination for trial.

Available – Mr. Dye answers his own phone and is available 24 hours a day.