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A probation violation, sometimes referred to as a “vop”, is not the same as a new criminal charge. There are several significant differences between a criminal charge and a probation violation. Initially, a probation violation does not have to be a new criminal charge. When you accept probation as a sentence, you agree to live by a different set of rules. The Judge can enter a different sentence for your original charge if you break one of those rules.

How is a Probation Violation Different?

In a criminal case, the State must prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The amount of proof needed for the Judge to modify or revoke your probation is much lower. The Judge must find that you committed a willful and substantial violation of the terms of your probation. The amount of evidence required is enough to “satisfy the conscious of the court.”

You are not entitled to a jury in a violation of probation hearing. The case will only be heard by a judge. You do not have a right to a speedy trial for a violation of probation. Discovery, the process of exchanging information between the prosecution & defense, is very limited.

How We Can Help You

Criminal attorney, Michael Dye, has represented individuals throughout the State of Florida in probation violation proceedings.  Mr. Dye has been able to successfully resolve probation violations through plea bargains and by going to a final violation of probation hearing. Mr. Dye has substantial resources and contacts in the recovery community and has been able to facilitate drug and/or alcohol treatment as opposed to incarceration.

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Probation is not a right!  You do not have to be convicted of a new crime for your probation to be revoked.  Call our probation violation lawyers now at (888)959-6936.